Research and Development Project


1. Explorative  Study and Capacity Development on Humen-Wildlife conflict Management in Selected Forest Tracts of Kerala

2. Medicinal mushrooms of kerala

3. Empowering women in rice farming through gender sensitive farm mechanisation & ergonomic evaluation of rice transplanters  for women of Western       Ghats region

4. Economic importance of the bats, their role as seed dispersers, pollinators and in controlling insect vectors of infectious disease in the Western Ghats

5Impact assessment of existing nutrient manegement practies on soil health and development of integrated nutrient package for sustainable production of banana in the coconut based homesteads of western ghats through farmer's participatory approach

6 Assessment of insect biodiversity and habitat management in Cowpea with special emphasis to manage Cowpea stem borer in the Western Ghat tracts of Kollam District   ----- P.I    Lekha M


1.Studies of Pumbing in Community Dug Wells and It's Interfeence in Nearby Domestic Wells in a WaterShed of Midland Belt of Kozhikode District.

2.Techno - economic analysis of well irrigation in humid tropics

3.Hydrologic Appraisal of Water Resources of Small Upland Watersheds for Integrated and Sustainable Management.

4.Water quality studies and Water Conservation Techniques in a tribal area of Kannur district, Kerala State.

5.Water resources Development in tribal areas of Idukki district.

6.Watershed Based Geographic Information System for Olavanna Panchayat.

7.Characterization of the soils of drought prone areas in wayanad district of western Ghats region

8.Evaluation of Land Utilization Types of Major Land Resource Areas of Western Ghats Region of Kerala

9.Land Capability and Crop Suitability of the Major soils of Western Ghats region

10.Soil Information System for Integrated Management of Soil and Land Resources of Western Ghats of Kerala

11.Micro propagation of superior clones of teak for the Western Ghats of Kerala (Final Report of Project No. KFRI 433/06)

12.Alternative income generation for farmers in the ghats through introduction and promotions of edible shoot producing rattans

13.Propagation of rattans in the Western Ghats-A species trail

14.Germplasm establishment of rattans

15.Economic valuation of ecotourism development of a recreational site in the natural forests of Southern Western Ghats

16.Modelling the growth of teak in relation to soil conditions in the Kerala part of the Western Ghats

17.Ethnozoological studies on the tribals of Palakkad and Malappuram districts of Kerala, south india

18.Conservation of the critically endangered tree syzyguim palaghatense gamble (Myrtacece), in the Western Ghats of Kerala

19Computerized database on Kerala forest resources and data retrievel system

20.Establishment of ex-situ gardens of species of Dalbergia and Monocotyledons in a bioresources nature trail in the Kerala part of Western Ghats

21.Potential of using coir geo-textiles in highly degraded areas for improving the soil and the productivity

22.A field study to evaluate the efficacy of lemon grass in controlling runoff and soil erosion

23.Capacity building of a tribal community in managing non wood forest produce resources:Monitoring of empowerment and sustainability in Nilambur

24.Wild edible Mushrooms from Kerala forests-A source of food and income

25.Collection, propagation, reintroduction and popularization of ten endemic tree species of Western Ghats

26.Survey, collection, propagation and popularization of selected threatened palm species of Southern Western Ghats and electronic herbarium database preparation of palms in Kerala

27.Toxic and hallucinogenic Mushrooms of Kerala

28.Cultivation,conservation and sustainable utilization of medicinal plants through people participation

29.Orchid germplasm maintenance at tbgri

30.Establishment of Milieu –based Sanctuary & Conservation-Education Centre of Medicinal Plants of the Western Ghats

31.Tissue culture multiplication for mass production of selected economically important Bamboos

32.Collection, micro propagation and reintroduction of some endemic zingibers of Western Ghats

33.Investigations on the macro fungal diversity in Thenmala forest division of Western Ghats of Kerala

34.Development of new food products by utilizing lesser known wild edible plants in the Western Ghats

35.Bamboo and reed resource enhancement in Kerala

36.Bambusetum maintenance,production of saplings and studies on Bamboo hybrids

37.Antiulcer and wound healing activities of three selected medicinal plants of the Western Ghats, Kerala

38.Ex situ conservation and sustainable utilization of rare, endemic and high value medicinal plants of Southern Western Ghats through in vitro multiplication and evaluation of quality retention – a lab to land programme

39.Agro-industrial development and economic upliftment of weaker sections through biofertilizer manufacturing

40.Sustainable Water Harvesting: A critical Slope Based Model for the Ghat Areas of Kerala.



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