Selection of Watershed

Selection of Watershed

Criteria: The following criteria may be used for selection of watersheds for implementation of WGDP.

   Cluster of contiguous micro watersheds in the Grama Panchayats are included in the prioritized list of watersheds available with the District Soil Survey Offices in the State.  District Perspective Plan should be prepared for identification of Grama Panchayat and Cluster of Watersheds.

   Watersheds with large Tribal/Scheduled Caste/Agricultural Labour population.

   Watersheds with preponderance of degraded lands.

   Watersheds with acute shortage of drinking water.

   Watersheds with sizable livestock population.

   Contiguity to another watershed that has already been developed/ treated.

   Productivity Potential of the land.

   Watersheds where peoples participation is assured through cash, material or labour contribution for development and maintenance of assets created under the programme.

Profile project report and detailed project report should be prepared on the basis of the above features.   

Watershed Maps: Maps drawn from the Toposheets maintained by Soil Survey Offices of Department of Soil Survey and Conservation in respect of prioritized watersheds of Western Ghats Region may be utilized for conducting soil and land utilization surveys of the watershed.

Baseline Data of Watersheds: The Programme Implementing Agency (PIA) should arrange collection and compilation of baseline data on land use pattern, cropping pattern, productivity of important crops, water level of wells and ponds, socio-economic data of watershed population etc before starting any intervention in the project area. This benchmark data is of extreme importance for assessing the impact of intervention activities later. The PIA has to provide the fund necessary for training, printing of forms, data processing and honorarium for the field Investigators from the project cost earmarked for data collection and PRA.

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