Integrated development of Western Ghats region on compact watershed basis keeping in view the over-riding priorities of eco-development and eco-restoration.

   Preservation of bio-diversity of the Western Ghats region.

   Restoration of ecological damage caused by human inter-action in Western Ghats region.

  Awareness creation among the people of Western Ghats and educating them on the far-reaching implications of ecological degradation and promotion of a change         in their mindset for preservation of the “Resource Trinity - Land, Water and Biomass”. Development of an approach for sustainable utilization of natural resources         to prevent further ecological degradation in Western Ghats region.

  Promotion of simple, easy and affordable technological solutions for eco-friendly development of Western Ghats region and providing institutional arrangements           for propagation and documentation of such local technical know how.

   Development of degraded forest lands through “Participatory Forest Management Programmes” on watershed basis. 

   Promotion of application research in eco-restoration and eco-preservation of Western Ghats region.

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