Watershed encompasses the simultaneous consideration of hydrological and biological resources necessitating the need for making better use of analytical tools and approaches, which address spatial and temporal variability. Objectives of Watershed management plan are:

  To augment maximum infiltration percolation of water in to the various soil horizons so that the ground water recharge could be enhanced.

  To improve the biomass status in the watershed so as to ensure reduction of excessive run off and sediment transportation and to augment recharge to the sources with due sustainability.

  To build up awareness to the inhabitants on the importance of water, Soil and biomass conservation and maintenance.

  Develop approaches and practices appropriate to the region for restoration and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

  Promote low cost technologies in agriculture and allied activities for increase in production and productivity.

  To develop a nature friendly lifestyle among the people so that they may be concerned about the health and sustainability of the environment they live in.

  To enhance the optimum quality and quantity of the watershed area through integrated and sustainable interventions such as afforestation, contour bunding, water recharging measures, trenching etc.

  To cleanup and maintain the water reservoirs and wells to that maximum recharge is enhanced.

  To encourage measures that ensures the quality and availability of the portable water.

  To encourage participative community ownership and maintenance of natural reservoirs and resources.

  To improve the quality and diversity of the biomass and thus enhance the fertility of the soil. Watershed management mainly focuses Natural Resource management (NRM), Production System Management (PSM) and Livelihood Support System (LSS). The unit cost prevalent at present for the schemes under watershed projects is ` 15000/- per hectare.

 Natural Resource Management (NRM)

The NRM projects intend to regenerate the quality of soil, water and biomass of the target area. Conservation and management of soil, water and biomass resources is given top priority for which programmes like bunding, terracing, leveling, centripetal terracing, crescent bunding, stone pitched bunding, mulching, grass planting, vetiver planting, tree planting on contours etc. are proposed. Water conservation and management practices such as check dams, pond renovation, sedimentative pond, construction of new ponds, rain pits, water harvesting structures and tanks etc. are also taken up under this component.

 Production System Management (PSM)

Production System Management includes agriculture and allied sectors, crop husbandry, fisheries and forestry to increase the production per unit area. Compared to other sectors, as a part of Food Security Mission, crop production sector is the priority sector in the State. It is proposed to support all the activities related to agriculture and allied sectors. The outlay will be utilized for the following purpose:-

v  Production and supply of quality planting material



v  Enhancement the production of rice, milk, egg, pulses, vegetables etc.


Most of the individual schemes of the project are implemented through low cost technology application, conventional energy practices, organic practices,dairy related programmes.

 Livelihood Support System (LSS) 

Livelihood support System activities are an important component of WGDP for various income generating activities in view of poverty eradication through proper schemes. Providing dairy units, ecological protective activities such as Azolla cultivation, production of Vermi compost etc. for organic farming and entrepreneurship development are included. The outlay will be used for the support for the units covering entrepreneurship development, dairy, poultry, goat rearing and fodder. The assistance will be provided based on the area plan for the development of livestock linked to the plan of the local Governments through SHGs. The scheme will be implemented in association with Dairy Development Department, Animal Husbandry Department, Agriculture Department, and Social Welfare Department etc.

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